I am truly so grateful for coming across such an amazing person like you. Honest to God, one of the best things about this experience was getting to know you. We clicked from the very first moment we met and our bond just grew stronger and stronger as days passed by. You’re like my long lost French twin. except that you’re the rational twin and I’m the irrational one ofc lol. I am going to miss seeing your face every single day, I will miss our deep conversations that last for hours and hours. I will miss getting lost with … Continue reading Raph


Good Afternoon, today is a lovely day. I will continue applying for internships. Write a letter about myself. Then maybe try to study a bit. I need to find a new hobby to distract myself from the this endless dilemma. I need to stop thinking and just let things be. LET IT GO. DAMMIT. Continue reading ADHD


What did I learn? you should’ve walked away a long time ago. it’s okay tho. just don’t do it again Stop being so naive. not everyone has the heart as yours. you might never get an apology. you most probably won’t. accept it and move on. one day you will have something much greater than all this. it will make you forget about this super tiny part of your life. stop having pity parties. life’s too short. overthinking will not turn back time and it will undo anything. you won’t get the answers you want and you don’t even need … Continue reading Lessons

Maybe I should’ve handled the situation better, but I was just too angry and frustrated. Even when I went a bit too far, I apologised. I tried my best to show how much I cared, but it didn’t change anything. I poured my heart out and all you did was reply with a sarcastic comment then you said nothing that would calm me down. You were mean and you know it. I didn’t react in the perfect way either, but I tried. Last time I spoke to you, I was hoping we would have one last proper decent conversation, but … Continue reading


how am I supposed to forgive someone who wasn’t even sorry? how am i supposed to move on when i feel like i didn’t get the ending that i deserved? how is this supposed to be okay? Some would call me dramatic and that i overreacted, but isn’t that so unfair? it’s something that literally disrupts your insides and you’re expected to act like everything is okay? I want to move on. I really want to. I hate that I’m still overanalysing and overthinking. i hate myself for it. i want to move on but I don’t know how to … Continue reading forgiveness


I’m so happy! My uni friends actually managed to cheer me up yesterday, although I was a bit disappointed and sad in the beginning of the day. Man, I’m done with writing such lame pathetic stuff. From now on I will only write big things and talk about nothing but what really matters. I am 20 freaking years old. It’s my freaking time to shine and do things I’ve never done before. I want to go on so many adventures with new people, and I honestly don’t give a shit if they are just temporary people. I’ve come to the … Continue reading 20’s

I miss you

I miss you. Idk what this is, but all i know is that spending some time with you used to be the highlight of my day and now you’re gone and I feel empty and the worst part is it feel like you never even cared about my existence, it was all just in my head. Maybe Ive gone mad maybe it was nothing but a fantasy in my head. This void is slowly swallowing me. Qin fact, this whole place is sucking the life out of me. I am waiting for a miracle or perhaps I need to do … Continue reading I miss you