So this summer has been nothing like I’ve expected it to be. Well, I knew it wasn’t be the best summer in my life, but I had a glimmer of hope that it’s gonna be better than last year. Nothing cool has happened yet, but I’m going to point the good things. I’ve caught up with my best friends and I did have a great time. I don’t think there’s such thing in this world as their company, I feel like I’m cloud 9 with them. I forget about everything that’s bothering me. I stop worrying, I don’t think about the past or the future. All I’d be thinking about is the present, the wonderful time I’m having at that time. In addition, thankfully, I’m not gonna have eye surgeries this summer. 

My summer isn’t actually that bad. I just wished I could have a better one, one where I would something useful or new. Something that boots my mood and confidence. There are several things I’m trying to do in order to develop my character and help me make a better use of my time, such as; learning a new language, drawing sketches or reading. The problem is that I get bored so easily, I wanna do new things and stick to a particular hobby and grow through it, but sooner or later, I get fed up with it. Maybe it’s because I’m not really passionate about it or maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

All in all, I just hope I find something that occupies 90% of  my time, which I will truly enjoy.


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