Blue jeans, white shirt…

So today I’ve gone to the university health center, and something surreal has happened. I was sitting there, drinking a cup of water, waiting for the nurse to call my name so I can do the blood test. And then, a guy in white shirt and blue jeans entered the center and sat on the chair in front of me, apparently he was waiting for his sister. After that, I walked toward him to throw the cup in the bin as the bin was beside his seat, and I don’t know what happened.. as I was trying to open up the bin, a very noisy sound occurred, so I just grinned and told him I was sorry. He just laughed and said it was fine and then I went back to my seat. Afterwards, the nurse called my name, I went to do the blood test and came back again to wait until it was my turn to do the second test, I saw his sister coming across the room, he stood up to leave with her and I kept watching him while he was leaving the building and to my surprise, he looked at me and smiled so I smiled back. This might sound cheesy but his smile was magical. You just can’t help but smile back when he smiles at you. There was just something sorta angelic about his face. And guess what happened next, out of nowhere he appeared in front me of again and asked me if it was possible to take my phone number and of course I had to say no, unfortunately… He just smiled me and said it’s okay and  left. What made me get attracted to him even more is how he was so understanding. I mean, he remained confident and very decent. I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt like we really did have a connection right there. That incident was certainly the highlight of my day. Even if I’m never gonna see him again, I’ll always remember that day.


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