One day.

One day all this will make sense. One day my heart and mind will finally be at peace. One day I will be so proud of myself, I will feel so powerful and determined that I can move mountains. One day I will have extreme pride in myself. I’m just in the process of getting to know what I really want and who I really am. I ain’t in a rush, let the time takes what it takes, as with all the matters of the heart, when I finally figure myself out and see my dreams and wishes come to reality it will feel so calming and peaceful as if the tiny pieces of the broken glass have been magically merged into a beautiful shape once again. One day I will be thank God for everything I’ve gone through. One day deep inside I will be a much better person that I am right now, as I heartily believe that in the deep core of my heart there’s so much kindness and goodness that could help me overcome whatever I encounter and not let the horrendous incidents/things leave a stain on my heart. One day I’ll dance around because I’ll be filled with so much love. One day I will thank God for all the people I’ve begged him to make them be part of my life, yet he didn’t answer my prayers cause he knows best. He knows what’s best for me. He knows there’s so much better coming ahead. One day I will be surprised by how beautiful God’s plans are for me. And I will realize what a fool I was to wish for things to have gone different. One day everything will be okay… And the storm will pass as the sun rises and the rainbow will shine on. I believe. 🙂


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