Everyday I wonder…

Everyday I wonder if you’re thinking about me too. Do I even cross your mind for just a few seconds every now and then? Do you still remember the very first conversation we had? Do you get the same sweet feeling I get whenever I see you or talk to you? Do you wonder when will be the next time we run into each other again? We’re in the same city, same place yet we’re so far away from each other.  We barely see each other. I just hope to see you again soon. Yearning to see you isn’t the reason why my heart is burning. It’s the way you talk and express yourself so confidently that makes my soul aches leaving me burning with desire to talk to you again and tell you about my dreams and fears.  I’m usually shy and don’t know how to show how or express my thoughts especially when it’s someone I’m not really close to yet I admire so much. Something inside me tells me if I talk so naturally  like the very first time we talked, then I might have a chance with you. I don’t know what it is exactly, but all I know is that I get this sense of belonging and peacefulness every time you speak to me. There’s an incredible fear bind to all these beautiful feelings I have for you. The fear of the unknown.  I fear the possibility of me not crossing your mind, that “shy and awkward” is all what you think of me.
I truly and genuinely hope we get to talk sometime again soon.


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