The year of realizing things, literally.

This is the year where I realize that there’s no place for the weak here. No matter what you’re going through, you gotta keep moving forward and work your butt off. The feelings you have right now will eventually fade away. The people you cant get off your mind will be erased from your memory sooner or later. Ok not necessarily ‘erased’ but they wont matter as much in the future. Dont waste any other second of your life delaying whats gonna lead you to achieving your goals just because of a passing wave or passing fantasy or whatever you wanna call it. Everything goes away except for your hard work. It does pay off eventually, its what gonna make you feel better in so many ways. It will make people wish they wouldve put more effort to make you stay in their lives. Be the one they didnt see coming, be the person who surpises all of them. Live for yourself. Do something that will make you super proud of yourself and the rest will follow.


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