My second year of uni starts in 2 days. I sorta feel excited for some reason. Most of the professors  I’ve got are good and I’m very grateful for that. I went shopping 2 days ago, but then I went home and realized that I don’t really like most of the shirts that I got. I need to go to American  Eagle to get that top that I truly liked. It’s casual, simple and chic at the same time and it’s very suitable for college. I’m glad my best friend helped buy some makeup, and now I have to start watching makeup tutorial to learn how to apply it properly. I promise myself that I will work very hard this semester in order to raise my GPA s that I can study abroad. I need to participate in more activities as well, I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be very beneficial for me. Regarding my social life, I seriously don’t know. However, I don’t want to invest in friendships that wont do me any good. In addition, I have to be more serious. They usually say throw kindness around like confetti. I must say, this quote was one of my favorites. But it is not anymore, people usually mistake that kindness for stupidity and take you for granted. Must keep in mind that I have to maintain good relationships with everyone cause as my friend told me yesterday; you never know when you might need their help. Speaking of needing people’s helping you out, I need to be more independent and responsible. I don’t wanna feel that I need to rely on someone to do anything for me. Hopefully, I will be a better version of myself this year and I will try my hardest to exploit every opportunity that I come across in to be able to accomplish good things.


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