It’s a new day

Good morning,

I have a midterm this week, and so I have to study hard today and the following 3 days. I desperately need to raise my gpa. More than anything in the whole entire world. Although I had studying, I know for a fact that it is the only thing that can take me places. Truth be told, I slack off sometimes. If there’s anything I need to work on, it would be separating my personal life from my studies. My emotions and feelings usually sort of control my mind, in the sense that if I am going through one of those days, it completely take over my mind. Leaving me so apathetic and unmotivated, making me lose sight of everything I need to achieve and why I need to put full effort in my studies. Despite all that, I will start try my hardest to not let my emotions and negative thoughts control me. It’s like a war between me and my own mind. I must control it and put it back it in its place, otherwise it will slowly ruin me and everything I ever dreamed to be.

Peace out.


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