To new beginnings.

This feel extremely liberating. The fact that I have no one to impress or please. I feel like I can do whatever I want without having to think what others are gonna think of me. My main focus is myself right now. I will work on myself for myself, I’ll improve myself in so many way. I will develop my character. My goal is to become everything anyone would never expect I would  be. I no longer need anyone’s admiration or approval. All I want is to make myself happy and speak my mind and just show people who I really am. I feel like I have imprisoned myself in this cave for so long and now it’s time to get out and shine and prove people wrong. To new beginnings. To trying again every single day. To never giving up or giving in. To having that fling of hope even when everything seems to go wrong. I’m so done with playing the victim role. I need to go places and discover things that unleashes characters in me that I never knew existed. I will never stop trying until I reach this point of satisfaction. As a child, my mom always told me she believed I’d grow up be some someone great and I won’t let her down and I pray to God that I do make tremendously proud of me someday.



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