It’s Now or Never.

Today marks my  very first day of my first attempt to write as a blogger and an influencer. Well, for starters, I’ve always had a thing for writing. Every now and then I write in my journal. Truth be told, I do not do it on a daily basis as my life is not that interesting. I tend to write through all my emotions. I write when I’m feeling over the moon. I also write when I feel like my whole world is collapsing and the only way to escape the pain is through writing my heart out. As for now, I’m writing because I truly do wanna change my way of thinking and hence my life. They say positive mindset brings in happy moments in your life. Well, I will not deny that sometimes I cringe at reading those positive, annoyingly optimistic quotes because realistically, no one could ever be positive 100% of the time. I personally believe that there’s no harm in letting yourself experience the pain and just live through it. If you constantly behave as if it doesn’t exist, it will haunt you soon or later. Therefore, you might as well allow yourself to just go through it and get it over with early on. It’s okay to let your guard down. That twinge of sadness and pain is a must in everyone’s life. Okay, I’ve gone way too far with this more than I originally intended to.

I have decided that my blog will focus on two main things: fashion and healthy lifestyle. Bear in mind that I have never tried to cook anything until now. I’m just getting started to cook some simple meals that can sustain me during my uni life. In order to encourage myself to actually get myself into the kitchen and cook something, I thought the best way to start is by learning some healthy meal recipes since I’m quite enthusiastic about healthy food (All kinds of veggies and fruits) I’ve always been a lover of organic food. However, I will not deny that I sometimes could binge on junk/unhealthy food. Nonetheless, once I put my mind to stay committed to staying healthy, I do it perfectly fine and to be perfectly honest, what helps me do that is the fact that, as I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of veggies and fruits regardless of the benefits they provide.

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a considerable amount of time. Maybe since I was 15, but unfortunately, I would lose motivation or I would just tell myself I should wait until I have that perfect body so that all clothes would suit me perfectly. About a month ago, a thought just hit me and it’s that if I keep stalling and putting it off, I will probably never do it. I’ve realised that I should just build up the courage to take the first step and things will start rolling from there. We learn as we go, don’t we? For this reason, I will be starting my blog very soon. Just waiting until I finally match the best outfits and have someone who’s willing to take good pictures that will make my blog stand out.

To be continued…


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