Let’s give this a try

There is that one person who has been trying to get close to me for me song. They just want to be a part of my life in any way possible, and truth be told, this is making me feel very suspicious. There’s just something fishy about them. My intuition is telling me that there must be some benefit they wanna get. I mean who is ever that consistent to get close to you although you’ve been so cold with them. However, I promise myself that this time I will try to trust this person as much as I could. Not 100% of course, but I WILL try to truly  trust them. I need to give people a chance. I can’t just keep shutting everyone out of my life. Everyone’s flawed. Also, it’s very hypocritical of me to judge people so quick although I myself can be a horrible person sometimes. So here I am, letting my guard down. I promise that I will try to put some effort in this friendship even if it seems like so much energy and pressure to me. I will try. I think you just have to get through  this awkward phase with anyone you meet until you finally find some real connection with them. Something that makes you overlook their flaws. Something that makes you stop seeing them as a threat. Always remember that no matter how flawed someone is, no matter how unpredictable they can be, there’s always a chance that this person could end up being one of your favourite people if you just open up your door and give it a shot and get to really really really know them.


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