Social media and how it is ruining our lives

Social media has slowly crippled into our life, changing it, reshaping our relationships with everyone around us. Do you remember the last time you were fully present while hanging out with someone? We are always busy checking our phones, always too impatient to see whats new, who posted what. Our entire life has become revolved around Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I myself am social media addict. I am 24/7 on my phone. It’s become like oxygen to me. I can’t sit for an hour without checking my social media accounts. It’s insane. Even my family thinks it’s abnormal how much time I spend, or I shall say waste on my phone. My dad threw in a joke last week while we were all having dinner together at some restaurant. He said that I need to be cured from this addiction. Then it hit, I am actually addicted to my phone (social media). All I do is check my phone, wait for a notification, maybe a mention from my best friend on Facebook, or a dm on instagram, or check how many retweets I’ve got on twitter not to mention constantly checking my snapchat to see who viewed my story. It IS CRAZY. I’ve realised that I spend about 70-80% of my time on social media. There’s no doubt that social media is very effective when it comes to connecting with people who live far away from you. Social media is literally the only thing that makes me stay in touch with my best friend every single day and I’ll forever be grateful for that. However, no one in their right mind should be spending an awful lot of their time just watching other people’s lives and tweeting and texting about God know what, the most trivial stuff on Earth! Oh the irony! I’m writing that although I’m the first person guilty of such behaviour. I’ll be utterly honest with you. I don’t know if this is true, but I have this feeling that I’ve become so addicted and indulged in this fake, imaginary, virtual world that I don’t how to function in the real world. My productivity rate has decreased,  my alertness is terrible, my attention span is like that of a goldfish. I cannot seem to focus on anything. Perhaps social media elevates depression as well. And that’s for obvious reasons. Will be talking about that in a different post. Back to my point, as soon as I’ve come to this realisation that social media has created a person who is unable to be present or communicate with anyone who is physically around me, I’ve decided to cut out social media. The first step I took was installing my snapchat app last night. I’m not longer interested it on wasting precious time of my life on watching other people’s live or even trying to get them to see what I’m doing with my life. I’m done. I do not understand what is the point of constantly trying to show others what we are doing daily. It’s become ridiculous. Instead, I will focus my energy on doing something that is actually productive and will help make a better me, or at least make me feel better about myself.


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