Some people are worth another shot.

I’ve spent some time with my roommate tonight and i actually had a good time. I enjoyed talking to her, it was more fun than I expected. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings. Sometimes she upsets me but then again maybe she doesn’t mean it. Or maybe I need to take things so personally. Regardless, I am glad I had this conversation with her. However, I won’t judge too fast. I will wait. I don’t want get disappointed anymore. Nonetheless, I have a good feeling about this. I feel like things could be different this time. I’m slowly starting to believe that sometimes you just need to give people another chance. I once read a quote that goes like “Despite everything, I still believe that people are good at heart.” and I’d like to follow this concept. No matter how flawed someone might seem, theres still some goodness deep inside them if even it is just a little bit. This thought gives me so much hope and positive energy. To new beginnings…


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