What did I learn?

  • you should’ve walked away a long time ago. it’s okay tho. just don’t do it again
  • Stop being so naive. not everyone has the heart as yours.
  • you might never get an apology. you most probably won’t. accept it and move on. one day you will have something much greater than all this. it will make you forget about this super tiny part of your life.
  • stop having pity parties. life’s too short. overthinking will not turn back time and it will undo anything. you won’t get the answers you want and you don’t even need them anymore
  • you have 5 weeks left. those 5 weeks will either make you or break you.
  • go cold turkey and indulge in everything around you. forget about social media.
  • i know you’re tired and frustrated and it seems like no one understand what you’re feeling, but you’re just too sensitive. what to do.
  • theres no going back. it was a lesson. now u know better,
  • read the previous line over and over again

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